Worship Series & Study – Part IV

Overview: What was the highest form of worship? Did Adam and Jesus worship God? They did the highest form of worship which was reflection. To reflect is the highest form of worship. Adam was he was made in the image and likeness (Gen 1:26-27). Jesus starts doing it to the disciples. He says, “I do […]

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Worship Series & Study – Part III

Overview: What is worship? Worship is more than just singing songs. Worship inspires songs; worship leaders take from scriptures (as David did) to create music. I want you to be able to understand things that you have already been taught previously. I want your understanding to be with the Spirit and not just the letter […]

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Worship Series & Study – Part II

overview: The highest form of worship is reflection. You never heard Adam and Jesus worshipping God because they walked with God. They were the image of God. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was forbidden. Because of its fruit we now have corrupted perception; we see things but not the correct way. […]

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