Covering the Light


Esther, with the help of Mordecai, prepared herself to persuade and influence the King to save her people.

If you were not summoned by the King and went unannounced, you would die. She, with prayer and fasting, lived to persuade the king and saved her people from their genocide. Haman tried to smother and put them to death. In the end, Hamon was hung in the very gallows he prepared for the Jews. Even now the Jewish people celebrate this deliverance with this feast.

During this feast, if the name of Haman is mentioned they will hiss and spit to blot out his name. They want him to be totally blotted out of their memory. The Jews do good unto the homeless. Although done year round, they set aside special time during this feast. Esther saved the Jews from a holocaust, so they reach out to save others.

the anointed cherub

I am going to show the depth of the influence of Satan. Last time I taught, it was about being hidden. When hiding in God, He begins to hide Himself in you. He said, “Abide in Me and I will abide in you” (Jhn 15:4). Then there are times of hiding, like seeking refuge. It’s not that you have influence over God but He begins to separate you from the things that are trying to combat, destroy, or take you under. There is a time when you no longer need to have Him over your shoulder. You have hidden Him in your heart that you would not sin against Him (Psa 119:11).

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