Thank you GOD for New Destiny’s loving family

My testimony is that my mother past away about 15 years ago from colon cancer, and beginning this year I was having some of the symptoms my mother had before passing. I sought prayer from the elders and the deacon of New Destiny, and they prayed for me, and I let it go in faith. Not long after, New Destiny had a corporate fruit and veggie ‘fast’, and after a few days the LORD ask me to partake in a ’40 day’, fruit and veggie fast. I did, and after a couple of days Sister Marie and Elder Curtis prophesied that my ‘fast’ would bring about cleansing and healing and it has! The fast ended on Resurrection Sunday! Thank you GOD for New Destiny’s loving family and bringing me here to be a part of that love in your family! AMEN!

- Lynn W.

You will never be the same…

Hi I’m Michael Conn a Christian radio announcer in transition and with my lovely wife Xandra. We are from Cedar Park Texas, and drove an hour to visit this great church.

We attended Pastor Draper’s class on Prophecy, it was my wife’s first time to attend a class like this, she is from the Philippines and she received her first true prophecy being here in the United States just over 7 months, she wasn’t aware she had the gift of prophecy before, this class helped me be more aware of that gift and I was able to tell her that she has prophesied to me before, she was very amazed! Even I have the gift myself I was reminded too I need to sharpen my gift as well. Pastor Draper shared with her she would play before large crowds and be a worship leader on staff, my wife was very uplifted, that is her gift and dream. My wife is convinced that Draper is a true prophet. She has heard of prophets in the Philippines, but she said this is really true.

This class really opened our eyes. I really encourage anyone from this church to attend this class, and for sure anyone new looking for a church home to attend this fellowship! I’m telling you that you will never be the same, and have a hope and direction in your walk with the Lord that will change your life.


- Michael & Zandra Conn

He is truly a man of God who hears God’s voice!

Prophet Draper Smith has taught the Word of God and prophesied in Schulenburg several times. He is truly a man of God who hears God’s voice! He recently prophesied to a friend, and God told Bro Draper her first and last name (that was amazing). He spoke “No More delay!” and we have seen it in many areas! Two ladies have been set free from a marriage that had them in bondage, due to infidelity. Every person that he had a word for, was “right on”. Wow! It’s amazing how God is using him.

- Lisa G

So incredibly grateful…

So incredibly grateful that my footsteps have been ordered by The Lord all this time! Three and a half years ago I had visited New Destiny with my fiancé at the time and from the moment I walked into the door my life has been forever changed! It wasn’t by accident but by answered prayer that I was led to New Destiny church. I currently live in Austin, TX, an hour or so away from Killeen, so I wasn’t consistently attending like I desired to. Nonetheless Pastor Draper and his wife Co Pastor LaVece Smith kept in contact with me which blew me away! Coming from a church I was faithfully volunteering at for four years and not once did they contact me personally. I now am blessed to have a Pastor and Co Pastor that take the time to mentor me! It started out with premarital counseling which opened my eyes to a lot. There I learned that the man I was engaged to was not the man I was supposed to marry. God spoke to Pastor as well that he was not to marry us, which was confirmation for me. At that point I chose to end the engagement to a man I loved. It was difficult and so painful but I was thought through going to New Destiny that to obey is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22). Choosing to obey God and the prophet has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I am continually growing in my relationship with God in my obedience, trusting that all things work together for the good for those who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). I’m so happy to say that all things have and are working together for my good! I now know what it truly means to be loved unconditionally through courting my future husband and man of my dreams! Prophesies that were spoken through Pastor Draper are coming to pass! One of them being I that I’m an entrepreneur and in a matter of months after that prophecy I now own my own business! I’m now able to be apart and attend all that goes on at New Destiny and have more time to spend with the Lord! Even have time to exercise and live a more healthy lifestyle which is a plus! This is just the beginning!

- KS

God is Love and I learned it through Pastor Draper Smith…

I moved across country to be apart of Pastor Draper’s ministry. He has mentored and discipled me out of my very sin of homosexuality. I thought I would never be delivered! All I did was fail, fall, and revel in my constant failure. But Pastor Draper loved me with the love a Christ; a holy, pure, and Godly affection I never knew. I am now delivered, saved, free AND courting my wife to be. But it came with a cost- sanctification ain’t no joke! I received love alright, all types of it. God chastises those He loves, and as the saying goes “a hard head makes for a soft behind.” The tough love was TOUGH, nevertheless, it was that unconditional love that changed me. I thought that suicide was the only remedy at one point, but in truth, it was the pursuit of Love and His nature that saved me. I have a love. I have peace. I have joy. I have stability. And I no longer have time for foolishness. God is Love and I learned it through Pastor Draper Smith. I owe God my life and He has gladly received it.

- Douglas


Amazing! Tuesday nights I belong to a young adults group called OneWay lead by JP here in Austin and he had informed us of a guest speaker coming to talk to us. I had never met or even heard of Pastor Draper but I remember actually putting my guard up when he began speaking about the gift of prophesy. Now, I had never been prophesied to and had no real direct experience with prophesy regarding myself. Pastor Draper begins and immediately I feel the Holy Spirit start to move. I’m shocked as he prophesies to all my friends and he’s completely accurate and on point. He finishes with my friends, by now I’m crying like a baby, and of course I’m the second to last one and its now my turn. God begins to speak through Pastor Draper and things that had been dormant begin to come alive. Dreams I had forgotten about and had placed them on the back burner, were now at the forefront of my mind. God reassured me that in those moments when I was physically alone and also felt lonely- He was there. He is always there. I continue to repeat the recording of that night and it encourages me and lifts me up to the point where I want to jump up and down like a little girl. It was such a blessing and I am truly grateful for that night. The night I will never forget, when God spoke to me through Pastor Draper.

- Amparo L.

I have been tremendously blessed…

I have been tremendously blessed to know Pastor Draper and his beautiful wife LaVece for about three and half years now. I have been recently spoken over and every word was accurate to the T. When ever there is a word of knowledge delivered, Pastor Draper instructs people to record what is to be said, so that we could judge it for ourselves, les anything comes out false, we could line it up with the word of God. I Have listened to my prophesy every day since it has been delivered. The first thing that Draper said is that ” Things are about to happen quick” I have a ministry that God blessed me to be over and in that same week, the assistance that usually cost, came to me free! I had things to deal with in my relationship with my Lady and God through Draper gave me advice to deal with conflict before it happened and I came through like a champ and continued to win my lady’s heart. Every time I come to visit New Destiny, I feel the love of the people as well as the pastors. This is truly a SAFE PLACE to bring anyone you know to come see what God is doing at New Destiny! As you are in the atmosphere, the spirit of revelation is revealed and you will always learn new things God has in store for you. God bless the Smiths for what they do as a team to reach lost and hurting people. Nothing just happens, everything has a purpose and there are divine appointments waiting for you to show up. Know that coming to New Destiny you will have a divine appointment with the Father that will set your trajectory onto a whole- nother-Level !

- JP

I’ve received a prophecy through an amazing prophet…

Just recently I’ve joined a young adult group called one way hosted by Jp Durio. In a short period of time we had a great moment connecting with The Lord in the bible study time every tues night. I’ve received a prophecy through a amazing prophet that spoke to me personally from your church. God has called me to be a missionary in port aransas Texas and start a church and create a spiritual light house in that area. Since port aransas is an island that was founded on cannibalism and is a tourist trap for people to run away from the life. However, since joining one way I feel empowered to do the impossible since meeting other like minded believers. Thank you so much for your ministry. It has made a difference in my life

- Ricky V.

My story begins like this…

My story begins like this . . .I grew up in church, made several trips to the altar to get saved and then lived like nothing had ever happened. Finally, in 1997 I had an amazing encounter with the Lord that radically changed me from the inside out. The Lord forgave me of my past and set me on a course of serving Him with my whole heart, soul and mind. I was joyously filled with the Holy Spirit and the scars of my past were healed. It was then that I began to learn of the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. With study of the Bible, the realization came that prophecy was a gift I’d been given.

Nine years ago I met Draper Smith and although he is decades younger than me, he has mentored me in the prophetic and given me the opportunity to minister in that gifting with him on occasion. I have seen the Lord work so many powerful miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance through Draper Smith as he ministered in his way, quietly, simply saying what the Lord was saying to the people. Through him multitudes of people have been brought from darkness to the Light of Jesus. What the Lord says is powerful and life changing. I am amazed at the blessing of being a voice that gets to speak His Words. Because of Draper’s willingness to mentor me, I too have seen people saved, healed and delivered from sin, sickness and oppression. The Lord is truly in the “Restoration” business and I am one who has been restored “for such a time as this.” Thank you Lord and thank you Draper!

- Beverly T.

I have learned so much…

I grew up attending church often, and I thought I had a good relationship with the Lord. I would ask him for help with the major events in my life and I handled everything else, or so I thought. Two major events took place as I entered adulthood. Each was relatively close together. The first, my grandmother passed away. This was my first experience with the loss of a close loved one. The second, my parents who were married almost 30 years, divorced. I was struggling and trying to get a grasp on life. I couldn’t understand where my happiness and joy went. That first Christmas after the divorce, I couldn’t sing “Joy to the World.” I didn’t understand how I was going to move forward with my heart so broken.

I was introduced to Pastor Draper Smith in 2008. He taught me how to read the word, not stories. He taught me that the bible was more than stories or a pertinent piece of history about the life and times of Jesus. Through Pastor Draper’s teachings, I have come to call Jesus my brother, God, Redeemer, King and so many, many other names. Pastor Draper has continually prayed for me and all of my family. He has spoken prophesy over my family and I! Some have come to pass, true as he stated, and others we are waiting on the Lord and His perfect timing.

I have learned so much about how to ‘be’ with God and that we can still walk with God, as the Lord designed it from the beginning. Did you know that, ‘we’ can move God! Amazing! Before I knew God and His ways, I “…perished for a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Now, “we are not people who shrink back and perish, but are among those who believe and gain possession of their souls” (Hebrews 10:39).

Pastor Draper has given and continues to give through his ministry, teachings, prophesies and prayers for my family and I. He has encouraged me through trials and counseled with me on becoming a woman of God. I am so humbled and grateful for this Holy man of God and true prophet.

- Amy M.

I want everybody to know…

I want everybody to know that my name is Elroy and what GOD’S grace has done for me. I am a ex heroin addict and crack, lets just say if it altered my feeling it was alright with me. Penitentiary didn’t stop me. The love that JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR loves me so much that he took the time to hold me in his arms letting me know that he never left his children, we left him. Even though i have minor(what the devil may call set back) , is set up through my father as a major comeback. You know my father always let me know that he is there, don’t quit. When times get hard i am understanding now to just go to our FATHER in prayer. My Pastor talks to us about how can we give someone as small as the devil power. Through JESUS CHRIST we have the power, that’s why he always try to keep your soul and mind in turmoil so you don’t have time for anything else on your mind but mess. I’ve been truly blessed through my FATHERS grace that bills are paid. Anyway GOD is so good until he has made me a blessing to a lot of people and it hasn’t hurt us yet. I WANT TO STAND IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY no matter where you’re at that my LORD is GOOD. When you see my beautiful family in our beautiful black suburban all i want you to say is LOOK WHAT JESUS DID. i couldn’t have done it myself PRAISE OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST because he is so wonderful. If you think i am lying then give it a try. I DARE YOU. Mean while i am going to keep on rejoicing his precious name. THANK YOU JESUS FOR everything.

- Elroy L.
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